Solo Work

I use narration, stylised physicality and projection to tell stories.

Production photograph by Jack Offord

Production photograph by Jack Offord


In 1985, a fissure formed around the Watford Gap and split the north from the south. A giant tear through the landscape, a real gap, descending into an abyss of bottomless depth. And in the north, cut off, things began to stir. Beneath the moors and in the rivers, the valleys and by the sea."

It begins with a phonecall at 3am. After some shocking news, a young man embarks on an extraordinary, surreal journey from the lights of the city back to where it all began: the dark and bloody heart of the north. There monsters lurk and a reckoning waits.

This acclaimed solo show combines highly physical storytelling and animation in a grotesque roadtrip through a world bent out of shape.


* * * *  Edinburgh Festivals Magazine “Intelligent, exhilarating, strikingly original and moving, I cannot recommend this play enough.”

* * * * The Stage “Harrisson himself is a dynamic performer, spinning across the stage as he pounds his coal-black myth together until it shines like a diamond.”

* * * * Broadway World “Totally bizarre but effectively realised, The North! The North! is a surreal, captivating, gothic fantasy, suggesting Christopher Harrisson is definitely one to watch.”

* * * *  A Younger Theatre “This play is a sinister, thought provoking journey through a world that is not so much a dystopia as it is a grim fairytale of a reimagined present.”

Film de Mime

Film de Mime


Film de Mime is a highly physical, intensely silly, improvised show. After losing his technician, an irritable French film lecturer is forced to recreate an entire epic movie on stage, armed only with a laptop full of music, a microphone (plus vocal sound effects) and his body.

Anything is possible, from indie romance to car chases to showdowns in space. Everything is improvised, wildly energetic and very funny. The show can be adapted for different time slots to include multiple movies, or the creation of a new movie entirely from scratch. The usual show is suitable for all ages over 7, and there is an adults only version available.

Highly adaptable and available to book for festivals, theatre, cabaret or private events.





In June 2016, I was awarded a seed commission by Worklight Theatre and The Bike Shed Theatre to create a piece in response to the upcoming EU referendum. The story, Andy and Aga, was about Douglas, a young man making a best man speech. Post-referendum, it is clear that the piece will need redevelopment to respond, and it will form part of an anthology of theatre stories, called Losers, about people who on the surface are terrible, weak, misguided, bigoted and stupid, and exploring the complexities, conflicts and desires beneath.