Solo Work

I use narration, stylised physicality and projection to tell stories.

Something is watching...

Something is watching...

The North! The North!

"We’re not living in the now that we know. The place this young man comes from, it’s not the sort of place that you and I recognise.
In 1985, a fissure formed around the Watford Gap and split the north from the south. A giant tear through the landscape, a real gap, descending into an abyss of bottomless depth. And in the north, cut off, things began to stir. Beneath the moors and in the rivers, the valleys and by the sea."

The North! The North! is a surreal noir with physical storytelling and projected animation. It's a story about trauma and myth-making, with sweat and violence and lots of dancing. It begins with a phone call, outside a club at 3am. A young man seeks vengeance and his quest will lead him back to where it all began: the dark and bloody heart of the North.

This project is currently in development and will premiere in 2017.



In June 2016, I was awarded a seed commission by Worklight Theatre and The Bike Shed Theatre to create a piece in response to the upcoming EU referendum. The story, Andy and Aga, was about Douglas, a young man making a best man speech. Post-referendum, it is clear that the piece will need redevelopment to respond, and it will form part of an anthology of theatre stories, called Losers, about people who on the surface are terrible, weak, misguided, bigoted and stupid, and exploring the complexities, conflicts and desires beneath.

This project will have further development in 2017.